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Take your Speed and Agility to the Next Level. Whether you are trying to improve footwork, running form, or gain skills to succeed, we are ready to challenge and improve your abilities. We also offer sports specific PSP programs which targets athletic training specific to the fundamentals of the sport. Go One-on-One or join one of our groups. This is where the most talented trainers meet the best equipment. Check out our options below and join us for ONE FREE session!

Fundamentals - Ages 7-12

Fundamentals classes focus on teaching young athletes the importance of technique and how to properly move their body while executing different speed and agility drills. Fundamentals creates balance, body awareness and overall athletic improvement while ensuring young athletes have fun in the process. This is a beginner class for young athletes looking to start their athletic journey and ultimately aims at helping them reach their next level of competition.

Power Classes - 13+

Power is for athletes looking to enhance their current athletic performance and aims at helping them prepare for the next level of competition whether that be high school sports or college camps. Different from the fundamentals class athletes are introduced to the weight room in order to advance their strength. Techniques taught and skills learned come together showing athletes how they can also utilize them on the field. At the conclusion of every month PSP conducts an athletic combine with its athletes to demonstrate measurable results and target a athlete’s training specifically to areas that need more improvement. This program is an advanced version of PSP’s fundamentals class and looks to continue developing athletes beyond what is accessible to them wherever they may be playing their sport.

Elite Training - 16+

Small group sports-specific training for 4-8 athletes. Classes progress athletes further into a yearly training protocol that utilizes higher progressions of specific speed and agility drills. Elite incorporates explosive strength training techniques for force production that are results-specific and can be seen in the PSP Athletic Combine and between the lines of play. These classes are for more advanced athletes that are looking to improve results in various test categories specific to their sport.

One on One

Group training sessions are programmed for each individual athlete’s sport. Individual training sessions allow trainers to devote their full attention towards an athlete’s development.

Team Training

Team training sessions can be conducted at Proehlific Park’s indoor/outdoor facilities or trainers can meet your team at a coordinated location. These sessions put teams through training programs that are specific to their sport and help advance their overall athletic performance.

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