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Summer Sports Camps Keep The Game Going All Year Long

During the off-season, professional athletes will still be training to hone their skills and stay in shape. At Proehlific Park, we make sure our youth athletes have the same opportunity. All summer long, we offer sports-specific camps in addition to our regular summer camps that are centered around the sport that your child loves most.

Week Long Camps To Stay Training

Our regular Youth Sports Leagues take time each summer to hold special skills camps.

Baseball - All Skills

Baseball Elite “All Skills” camp is open to all baseball players who are interested in growing their skills at hitting, throwing, fielding (all 9 positions), base running, pitching and the mental side of the game. Our innovative training programs and complete training facilities will provide your child everything they need to succeed. Campers work hard to develop next level skills while meeting new friends that share the same passion for baseball.


This camp will be instructed by two professional basketball players. Reggie Dillard and Stacia Robertson have played multiple years of professional basketball overseas and have the knowledge and experience to help each camper become a better basketball player. The camp will also include other college basketball players who understand the game to help improve your child’s skill set. Each player will gain and improve on their overall basketball abilities including ball handling, shooting, offensive moves and defensive coverage. Through a variety of exercises, each camper will get multiple reps to engrain correct habits into all aspects of the game. Campers will team up and use these skills during competitions throughout the week.

Field Hockey

A full program designed using USA Field Hockey coaching techniques to give players of all ages and ability a challenging yet fun experience as they learn and grow their skills. The program will include both basic and advanced skills as well as numerous game based training schemes.


A camp that will sharpen the talent of any football player whether it is through offense, defense or special teams. This camp will enhance a person’s mental and physical aspect of the game. Activities will include running passing routes, throwing, catching, positions, stances and learning strategies of the game. All aspects of the game will be touched upon to improve each campers’ overall abilities.


This camp focuses on fundamental skill instruction in a fun and relaxed setting. The camp boasts an excellent coach-to soccer camper ratio and will feature small groups focused on fundamentals (dribbling, passing, receiving and striking.) Players will learn individual technique and teamwork through fun small-sided games, played both on indoor turf and the outdoor fields of Proehlific Park. Campers will have the opportunity to compete in daily relays, scrimmages and of course, World Cup Games. It is a great opportunity to learn more about soccer while having a fun experience!

Speed and Agility

Improve foot quickness, lateral movement, and explosion through the days of the camp. The use of ladders, hurdles and box jumps will teach each camper ways to improve their speed and agility. Becoming faster and quicker is beneficial no matter what the sport. Keeping a close eye on each camper they can individually improve in just a short week.


Beginning players with no to 1 year of recreational play will be introduced to the proper volleyball techniques for footwork, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and serving, and individual defense. Those familiar with these basic skill sets will be challenged by coaches to practice and progress each of these skill sets with meaning repetitions accompanied by meaningful feedback from our coaching staff. The goal of the camp is to touch on all aspects of the game such as serving, serve-receive, passing, setting, attacking, blocking, and individual defense. Piedmont VBC strives to provide a quality experience for each player/athlete that comes through its programs with our goal being to prepare your player for their future endeavors whatever they may be! This camp will help to improve your athlete/player’s overall volleyball skill set, teach good sportsmanship and teamwork, with tons of FUN built into it.

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