When school is out, come on in to Proehlific Park! We offer child care on days when school is closed on teacher workdays, holidays, winter and spring breaks, and inclement weather closings. Our students love participating in a variety of activities including sports, games, dodgeball, 4 square, arts and crafts and more! Members and non-members are welcome!

Please help us staff accordingly on drop in days by pre-registering for scheduled holidays and teacher workdays!

$40 Pre-registered Full Day 7:30am – 6:30pm

$50 Drop In Day (pay at time of drop off for all scheduled school holidays and teacher workdays) Full Day 7:30am – 6:30pm


$30 for Early Release 1/2 Days

For all unscheduled school closings (inclement weather) the price is $40 and we will post online the hours for those days based on road conditions and our ability to staff accordingly.

We schedule our staff according to how many kids we have registered for school closings. On inclement weather days we work hard to get our coaches here and sometimes have to limit the number of kids we can accept due to staffing. Please help us by pre-registering your children for scheduled Drop In Days that are listed on the school calendars.

*Platinum After School Participants are welcome for all of these dates! Contact Angie for more information on how to upgrade your after school rate to include all days off.


Youth Program Director Angie@proehlificpark.com 336.665.5233

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