Each afternoon our students are given 1 hour to “huddle up” in smaller groups to work on homework. Coaches are there to monitor progress and answer questions along the way.


When school is out, come on in to Proehlific Park! We offer child care on days when school is closed on teacher workdays, holidays, winter and spring breaks, and inclement weather closings. Our students love participating in a variety of activities including sports, games, dodgeball, 4 square, arts and crafts and more! Members and non-members are welcome! Extended Hours: 7:30am – 6:30pm $40 Full Day (pre-registered) $50 (Drop In Day of, pay at time of check in) and $30 for Early Release Day Register For Drop In Days


Youth Program Director Allie Arpajian 336.665.5233



Please complete the following form if medication will be kept at Proehlific Park.

Proehlific Medical Authorized Consent Form

Reviews of Program

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"I have never been to a program where my son gets upset when we pick him up early! He loves it so much that he asks to stay and be the last one to leave in the afternoon!"

2nd Grade Parent

"My son was worried that as a middle school student he would be placed in a group with “little kids”, but was very pleased to learn that there was a group of just middle schoolers that he could hang out with!"

6th Grade Parent

"My daughter is a little shy and isn’t particularly interested in playing sports. I was relieved that she could still participate in the program and have fun playing other games and activities. She doesn’t feel out of place and has made many new friends.  That makes my husband and I very happy!"

3rd Grade Parent

"My kids LOVE it there so much and want to be there after school this year. Konrad has been there off and on since he was 5 and I am so comfortable with all the coaches and staff there ….everyone there is so good to both of them and I want to keep them in that environment if at all possible."

7th & 8th Grade Parent

Why are we the best?

Proehlific Park provides a child care program that emphasizes character development of children through academics, athletics and fellowship. Our coaches help develop sports skills, lead guided homework huddles, teach good sportsmanship and effective communication, and encourage positive group relationships.

Meet Allie

We are ecstatic to introduce you to our new Proehlific Youth Director, Allie! Allie has a passion for providing accessible recreation opportunities for all individuals. During her time as a graduate teaching and research assistant at UNCG, Allie acted as inclusion consultant for various summer camps looking to serve children with and without disabilities She has also conducted a literature review for the National Inclusion Project on best practices in inclusive camp and after-school programming. Additionally, Allie has also taught various fitness classes as an instructor at Proehlific Park and will continue to serve in this capacity. Her recreation interests include yoga, music, dance, working out, water sports, hiking, and reading. Please help us give her a warm welcome & be sure to say hi to her next time you see her!

After School Programming Pricing

  • Part Time: $149/month: 3 days/week
  • Regular: Member $189/month, Non-Member $199/month
  • Platinum: Member $229/month, Non-Member $249/month - includes all school holidays
  • Van transportation fee: $30/month
  • Kindergarten fee: $20/month

There is a $50 registration fee

We have started the 2018-2019 school year and are filling up quickly! Before you register please email us or call to make sure we have room on the vans or GCS school buses before we enroll your child. 336.665.5233 or Allie Arpajian 

School Transportation

Proehlific Park offers VAN PICK UP at the following schools:

  • Caldwell Academy
  • Cornerstone Academy
  • General Greene*
  • Greensboro Academy
  • Jefferson Elementary
  • Jesse Wharton Elementary
  • Jones Elementary*
  • Mendenhall Middle School*
  • Northern Elementary*
  • Northern Middle School*
  • Oak Ridge Elementary*
  • Summerfield Charter Academy

*We will ONLY pick up from these schools if we have more than 3 students enrolled Full Time.


Proehlific Park offers BUS DROP OFF from the following schools:

  • Claxton Elementary
  • Kernodle Middle School
  • Pearce Elementary
  • Summerfield Elementary

*Other magnet schools available upon parent request. Must go through GCS transportation office to set up.

What is LuRoos? LuRoo's provides personalized transportation that you can trust.  Transportation can be used for pick-up and drop-off for elementary, middle or high school students. Our service is available before or after school, daytime appointments and evening activities. Learn More.

Proehlific Youth Christian Ministry

We are also honored to provide Christian Ministry Youth Groups. Click here for more info on these huddle groups!

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