Ages 7-12

Take your Speed and Agility to the Next Level. Whether you are trying to improve footwork, running form, or gain skills to succeed, we are ready to challenge and improve your abilities. We also offer sports specific PSP programs which targets athletic training specific to the fundamentals of the sport. Go One-on-One or join one of our groups. This is where the most talented trainers meet the best equipment. Check out our options below and join us for ONE FREE session!Fundamentals: Ages 7-12: Fundamentals is a developmental program that teaches the base foundations of speed, agility & strength so athletes can compete at their best in their sport. Your strength and stamina will improve, and you’ll always be ready to win in your sport.

  • Dynamic warm-up
  • Technical training
  • Performance game
  • Core and conditioning
  • Cool down

General preparation training for all sports that builds a foundation of movement patterns through basic drills for speed and strength. Fundamentals creates balance, body awareness and overall athletic improvement while ensuring young athletes have fun in the process. For additional information about classes and levels, please contact our PSP Team

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