Ryan's Why

It's bitter sweet to write this I am Proehlific Story. It's one of our own that has now moved on in his career, but not without impacting all of our lives. Ryan Robert's is an example of courage and willingness while having a truly humble spirit. Over his time at Proehlific Park he's learned how to use his journey and life story as a tool for empowerment for others. He has a unique ability to connect with people in a very authentic way that can ask them to dig deep with firm words and inspiration and at the same time give them a helping hand and tenderness when needed. 

Over the years he has not only grown as a coach but as an individual and brought unique experience and events to Proehlific Park including starting the only adaptive strongman competition in America as well as working with Community groups to better equip and train special needs populations. He's a great coach with the ability to write programming for large groups on a yearly scale as well as meet the needs of individuals and it will suit him well has he moves forward training military personnel for the United States Marine Corps.

 "This guy right here is a true inspiration!!! He's taught me so much in the gym and about perseverance and always having a positive and never quit attitude!!! We're going to miss seeing you every week Ryan but we are so excited for you and this new chapter in your life!!!" -Melissa T 
"If I could ever explain in words...well I can't. Our amazing trainer Ryan has cerebral palsy and crushed Spartan today, if that's not inspiring you I don't know what will. Some of the girls had injuries and some just decided to go way out of their comfort zone and GO FOR IT!! There were many times on the course I had tears in my eyes or was overcome with pride! Then our fearless trainer Blaze shows up mile 4 and just in time. Our Proehlific Family is something special...what an EPIC day!!! What's your excuse????" -Jennifer S

June 2017's #iamProehlific Winner, Ryan!


Sandy's Why

Meet Sandy: In July 2016, Sandy was diagnosed with a fractured upper and lower pelvic fracture. For various reasons, the fracture did not heal easily and it was Jan 2017 before the Doctor released her to return to exercise.  On her return visit in mid-March, Sandy's Orthopedic Doctor was very pleased with the amount of bone growth that had occurred since January. Sansy explained that she had a great Personal Trainer and was participating in several exercise classes at Proehlific Park gym. He said "keep doing what you are doing". 

Sandy got started at Proehlific as a result of having a bi-level spinal fusion and rotator cuff surgery which made her realize she needed to work on improving her physical condition.  Sandy says she feels "so fortunate to have found such a great facility with awesome instructors, trainers and the friendliest members.  The environment is so very encouraging, I now look forward to spending my mornings in the gym.  Little did I realize when I joined Proehlific, I had found a home"
Sandy's Husband Orville is also a dedicated member and you'll find him most days in the Gym too! 
Emma Skelton, Sandy's Trainer, says, "Sandy has worked so incredibly hard to get herself back to great health. She's there every day walking with members, training with me or pushing herself in new classes. Sandy was actually the Winner of the 2017 Winter Games and is a great testament to what the power of exercise can achieve. I feel so very thankful to have her as my client and is a wonderful example of what senior wellness can look like!" 

May 2017's #iamProehlific Winner, Sandy!



John & Alice's Why

Meet John and Alice Weyer: John and Alice retired 13 years ago and moved to Greensboro. They both recognize that some type of physical activity is essential as they age. With medical issues, weight gain and a large dose of prescribed medications John decided retirement was the time to develop a more healthy lifestyle.  He quickly became hooked on working out at the gym, joining several gyms and faithfully exercising 5 days a week, but never found a gym he loved. Alice has always lived an active lifestyle, preferring outdoor activity such as playing tennis, walking, biking or running, she too after trying several gyms decided to continue her own avenue of exercise. 

One day on John’s drive home from the Y, he noticed the silver sneakers sign and decided to check out Proehlific Park. He encouraged Alice to join as well. It’s been approximately two years since they joined Proehlific Park and are here at the gym together 5 days a week! “We really enjoy the atmosphere of the club. The personnel are very supportive of their members and we love the many opportunities for growth in our physical being,  as well as, striving to have a balanced lifestyle.  The senior program has provided us with friendships, as well as classes and monthly lunch and learns.”

In May the Weyer’s will embarking on a new journey, back to Wisconsin to be closer to our family.  We wish them well on their new adventure and hope they can find a Gym that meets all their needs and welcomes them like family. This Proehlific family sure will miss them! 


April 2017's #iamProehlific Winner, John & Alice!


Jen's Why

"Like all moms and dads, we are busy! I am a mom of 6 and am right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of raising a family. 3 years ago I started working out at Proehlific Park in one of Blaze's classes. When I realized that making  45 minutes 3 times a week a priority and that it wasn't selfish or wrong, my life changed in a way that I can never really put in words. Not only am I in better shape physically, but I am emotionally, spirituality and mentally stronger now. Proehlific Park is more than a facility, it is like family to not only myself but anyone who works out here too. We are all here together doing the same things and cheering each other on through the good days and the bad. Because of the structure of Blaze Fitness classes, I have been able to run several half marathons, a triathlon sprint, and earned my 2016 Spartan Trifecta! I didn't just finish a spartan race, I placed 17th out of thousands of females in the 15 mile spartan beast! May I add that 2 months before the beast I pulled my adductor magnus and hamstring. Chad in physical therapy worked with me for 6 weeks and rehabbed my leg for the race! I would never have been able to run that without him and he did everything he could to get me back. I now am training for the Spartan Ultra Beast (32 miles 50+ obstacles). If I wouldn't have taken that first uncomfortable(out of shape) step into  Proehlific Park, I would never have found my passion which is trail running and OCR. Proehlific Park has changed my life, I am so grateful for everyone there!" -Jen

March 2017's #iamProehlific Winner, Jen!


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