Proehlific Platinum is the closest thing to personal training but a fraction of the cost! Come experience the only program like this in the area! A dynamic small group that motivates and encourages. Proehlific Platinum Small Group Training is built around your specific needs to create accountability and a support network. Incorporating nutritional guidance, strength training routines, and specially designed cardio routines. We want you here; so we have created a schedule that leaves no room for excuses. You choose the class time that is best for you. PP PLATINUM FLYER

Adult Sports Performance/Strength Training
Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 5:00am & 8:30am
Tuesday & Thursday at 12:00pm
Small group training for individuals who already enjoy working out, coaches design challenging workouts that change every class with high level strength training routines and specially designed cardio routines. Classes are challenging and ever changing so you’re never bored.

TRX Conditioning
Tuesdays at 6:15pm
TRX is a great way to improve mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, power, core strength and heart health. All movements can be modified to suit every level of fitness. Core strength is at the heart of all TRX based exercises. TRX uses gravity as your resistance and by adjusting your hands or feet, progression is limitless!

Ketllebell Conditioning
Thursdays’ at 6:15pm
KETTLEBELLS uniquely offer ‘all in one’ training. Use them to build strength, muscle and endurance as well as increased flexibility and core stability. Based on dynamic movements that stimulate core muscles by contraction and breathing techniques. KB’s also help to improve balance, coordination, grip strength as well as offering serious fat burning, calorie torching results! (Approx. 20.2 calories per minute – source: ACE). This makes Kettlebells a fantastic, non-impact cardio alternative that also helps build lean muscle.

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