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Our Stories are Your Stories

What makes StartHERE so special? The extraordinary people who live it every day. This is Proehlific Fitness’s lifestyle management program with a unique wellness approach to all types of lifestyles. These are real stories from real clients who’ve made the impossible possible with the help of StartHERE. See why their commitment inspires us!

Are you ready to StartHERE?

We all have our reasons for joining a fitness facility.  No two people are the same, so no two programs should be the same.  We will customize it for you. We will evaluate your history and objectives to create your personal roadmap. A training program is only as good as the people behind it. With StartHERE, you will have our caring team behind you, coaching you every step of the way. We are uniquely qualified to design breakthrough programs that deliver not only results, but dramatic improvement in quality of life. Since needs, goals and lives change, the conversation between you and your Coach will play a vital role in your success.

Your first step is the Start HERE assessment is to sit with one of our Adult Fitness Center team members.  Together you will discuss what your life looks like, what your goals are, and what will work best to achieve those goals. It’s about living your best life, as your best self. 



We believe the best way to reach an optimal state of wellness is to address the areas of Nutrition, Rest + Recovery, Stress Management, Exercise, and Community.

Nutrition – Learn not only how much to eat and when, but learn which foods will pack the most nutrients to increase your energy, boost your immune system, and keep you feeling fantastic.

Exercise – Let us give you a road map to success, it’s what we do!  Whether you are looking for a little direction, written workouts, or personal training, we have you covered. We will help you find what you enjoy.  The more you enjoy your workout, the better chance you have at achieving your goals!  We will also teach you to ease into a workout routine, progressively adding more as you go along.

Rest & Recovery – The Adult Fitness Center team teaches our members about sleep, rest, and workout recovery.  We will guide you on how to truly take breaks and why it is so important to your overall well-being.

Stress Management – Stress plays a HUGE role in weight management, mental clarity, and mood.  Our team will help you identify triggers for stress in your life and teach you how to manage them more effectively.

Community – People thrive on relationships and you need support when making a change in your life.  You can Start HERE with our exceptional team at the Adult Fitness Center.  We also have a closed Facebook group for our members, as well as our P.O.W.E.R. of Play Foundation that you can become involved in.  When you connect with different people, it enhances your life and plays a significant role in your health and wellness.

The result?  You start to change your life, one step at a time.  A healthy lifestyle becomes your lifestyle and you transform the way you feel, think, and look.  You live your best life, as your best self.


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