At Proehlific Park, we believe vibrant, foundational health comes from a diet rich in fruits, vegetables & grains along with lifestyle choices.  Our DNA is not our destiny.  85% of all chronic disease can be prevented by simple lifestyle changes one at a time.

One of the most powerful, simple changes you can make to live a healthier life today is add the nutrition of over 50 plants to your diet through Juice Plus+ Whole Food Nutrition. To learn more & start today, click here. With over 35 published clinical studies & thousands of compelling results, Juice Plus+ can change your health TODAY. And, children ages 4 – college are free for 4 years!

For additional questions, please contact Kelly Proehl 336. 210. 6379 or SmartFoodJP@aol.com.

We also provide Nutrition assistance throught the startHERE program & Blaze Thompson who can help you with meal planning/diet tips.

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