We recognize the risk of COVID is still very present in our community and we do not want to contribute to the growth of these numbers. Not for you, not for our community, not for our staff whom we consider all to be our family. We realize that we too can be a facility that offers both mental and physical health benefits for our community, as well as a After School / Virtual School facility that parents are in need of so that they can return to work and we can restore some normalcy for children both socially, physically and emotionally.

We are so excited to see our Proehlific families again and have been working hard to make sure that Proehlific not only follows all the recommended guidelines, but exceeds your expectations with the level of care and concern for your health and safety. Please don’t hesitate to email us with any additional questions or concerns we are in this together to make Proehlific a facility to help restore our mental and physical health while we navigate these uncharted times.

Monday-Thursday 5am – 9pm
Friday 5am-8pm
Saturday 7am – 3pm
Sunday – closed * Facility Deep Cleaning.
We will continue to modify these hours based on demand.

Fitness Center child care will not be opening at this time.

Group Fitness Classes:
• Classes will run at a reduced capacity to support physical distancing guidelines. You must maintain 6 feet of distance at all times.
• Please check in at the front desk prior to class start times.
• A health and wellness questionnaire and waiver must be completed prior to participation.
• Face coverings are required at all times while inside the building and exercising.
• Please plan to bring your own mat, water bottle and towel.
• Equipment will be sanitized before and after use by our staff.

Pickleball & Pick Up Soccer Are Back!
Pickleball Monday through Friday 9am-11am (4 courts)
Pick Up Soccer Mon – Wed – Friday 12pm-1:30pm (Full Turf)
*Please see rules & procedures below to follow while participating in sporting activities at Proehlific. Additional sport specific safety procedures will be posted at the facility to follow.

Facility Rules & Procedures:
Access: Open to Members and Guests! Guest fees: $10.00 per visit when accompanied by a current Proehlific Park member &
$15.00 per visit as a walk-in guest
Wear a Mask: An appropriate facial mask must be warn at all times, which you will keep on during the entire time in the facility.
Sign A Waiver: Sign a Covid-19 related liability waiver (This will be done only once, when the member enters the gym for the first time)
Grab A Towel: We have blue towels for you as you check in at the AFC front desk; please take one and use it to clean off the machines before and after usage.
Wash Your Hands: Please wash your hands after entering the building.

When inside the facility:
• Maintain the 6 feet distance from all other patrons when possible.
• Wear a Mask
• Please bring your own water.

During Workouts:
• Wear a Mask
• Put all equipment back in its proper place.
• Wipe down all equipment and machines before and after use with the spray bottle.
• Limit the number of pieces of equipment used at the same time. Sharing equipment is strongly discouraged. Please adapt accordingly, and if sharing is unavoidable, please wipe down equipment between sets.
• We realize everyone is going to be excited to see one another given our close knit community. Please remember social distance protocols.

After Workouts:
• Please wash hands and return all towels to fitness center desk.
• Please wear mask while in locker room and while exiting the facility.

Please help us by following these guidelines when you are inside the facility. Covid-19 has brought about so many changes to our day to day lives. We all have wrestled with the unknown of what tomorrow might bring. We want to do this the right way and truly value each members health and safety. We ask for your patience and feedback, if you see something not being done the right way or have concerns, please address with our staff directly.
Thank you for your patronage and your support. Please contact us at info@proehlificpark.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Indoor Sports Youth and Adult

• All athletes and coaches will be required to sign the Proehlific Park Waiver and Covid Waiver.
• Each organization and program is responsible for health checks and temperature checks on their athletes.
• EVERYONE will be required to wear a mask when entering and leaving the building and while at the facility in any common spaces.
• Masks are required while participating in sports activities.
• All staff/coaches will be required to wear a masks at all times.
• We ask that ONLY participants come inside the building for practices.
• Please follow spectator policies for indoor sporting events specific to your sport or event communicated by the operating organization. Including wearing a mask at all times and maintaining social distancing.
• Parents – Please communicate with coaches via email/text – not in person at practice with any questions or concerns to minimize the # of people coming inside the building.
• FOR COURT SPORTS: Please enter and exit through the main entrance of the building (large awning on the side of the parking lot facing Horse Pen Creek Road).
• FOR TURF SPORTS: Please enter and exit through the side turf doors of the building (2 doors facing the parking lot facing Jessup Grove Road between the garage door and fitness center entrance).
• Please use the hand sanitizing station at the main entrance upon arrival and leaving of the facility.
• Please leave all personal belongings and bags at home (only bring in your mask, water bottle and required equipment).
• Coaches and players are encouraged to wipe down all equipment and limit sharing of equipment.
• Stay home when you or anyone in your family is feeling ill.
• Additional requirements and guidelines may be communicated by your coach and club.
2021 Spring Basketball League COVID Policies, Procedures and Refund Information Updated
2021 Spring Flag Football League COVID Policies, Procedures and Refund Information Updated

Youth After School Programming 2020/ SUMMER BLAST! 2021
• Registration is open. After School 2020-2021 Please email angie@proehlificpark.com to reserve a space for your child.
• Parents will be allowed to drop their child off from 7:30-9:00 am.
• Pick-Up time will be from 5:00-6:30 pm. Parents are to wait outside or in your car. We will have a coach assisting with pick-up.
• We will be pre-screening all youth and coaches prior to coming in the building.
• Any coach or camper that has had any Covid 19 symptoms or has been around anyone that has had symptoms will not be allowed in the park for 14 days.
• We will have a coach for check-in to help with pre-screening. The director or assistant director will be available for questions or issues that arise.
• All groups will have the same coaches, participants. There will be limited movement within each group. There will be no moving to another group, coaches will not be allowed to change or visit other groups. The Director and AD will be the floater.
• All participants will wash their hands prior to going to their group, before and after snacks, and lunch, as well as after all activities.
• We asking that parents send the youth with 2 snacks, a water bottle, a lunch, and an extra change of clothes.
• Each group will have their own bins for sports equipment. The equipment will be wiped down after each activity. Also, each group will have their own set of crayons, pencils, markers etc….
• Objects that cannot be cleaned will not be used.
• Coaches will be required to do cleaning throughout their shift. Coaches will have cleaning duties for the end of their shift. They will not be allowed to sign the cleaning duty sheet until the Director or Assistant Director has checked behind them.
What to Expect at Proehlific
• Most importantly, if you are not feeling well or have come into contact with someone with COVID-19, please stay home! Help us keep our Proehlific families safe and healthy.
• Please be thoughtful and patient. We are all navigating this together, and we all have different levels of comfort and risks. Please help us by talking with management if you have concerns or suggestions. We want to help you feel comfortable at Proehlific and know that there will be ways we can do that with us all working together.
• Participants will be asked to sign an updated waiver before participating in any Proehlific Park program.
• Daily questionnaire will be completed prior to the start of any program for all participants.
• Rigorous cleaning protocols will continue throughout the facilities based upon CDC recommendations.
• Capacities will initially be reduced to safely limit the number of people in a space to ensure appropriate social distancing.
• For your convenience, social distancing guidelines will be highlighted via signage.
Coaches & Staff Guidelines
• All team members are thoroughly trained on COVID transmission prevention and new cleaning protocols.
• All staff will be asked to wash and/or sanitize hands upon entry and exit.
• All team members will be questioned about COVID-19 symptoms and exposure prior to entry and temperature checked.
• All team members will be required to wear a mask at all times within the facility.
Summer Blast! 20201 COVID Guidelines

How Can You Help

We can’t thank you enough for your continued support and concern for Proehlific, it’s what has kept us going during these last months. If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us is that we are stronger as a community. As a local small businesses navigating these past months have been difficult and we recognize that struggle for others in our community.
Please support local. Please buy local. Please help preserve the local spots who are faced with difficult choices in order to keep serving our community. And please go out safely and kindly and remember everyone deserve patience and kindness for braving this uncharted time together.

Please contact us at micheala@proehlificpark.com if you have any questions.

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