We have exclusive small group training boot camps throughout the year at Proehlific Park, so whether you are exercising for the first time or looking to jump-start your fitness routine, our group training classes will instill in you a value system of hard work and empowerment, getting you on the road to mastering the basics to make sustainable changes for a healthy lifestyle! If you’re looking for an even more challenging kind of boot camp, give our 1-2-3 Fit Life small group training a try! If you have any questions about our programs, please don’t hesitate to contact Blaze Thompson for more information!

Our exclusive group training program!!! Designed to meet your needs whether you are a beginner, in recovery, or getting back into action. To guide you on developing and executing your individual goals! 1 day to plan and prepare your nutrition, 2 days to coach you in learning to lift weights safely and effectively for lifelong health, and 3 days to experience fun and different types of cardio, ranging from stairs to swimming. 1-2-3 FitLife…because this is what we do! It is the closest thing to personal training five days a week but a fraction of the cost! Come experience the only program like this in the area!


  • Science-based calorie-crushing workouts designed by the personal trainer voted 2013 Best in the Triad by Yes! Weekly readers.
  • TWO days of coached strength training and THREE days of cardio.
  • Nutrition support: guidance with meal planning and accountability with food charts.
  • The cardio will take place at Proehlific as well as nearby parks and the Greensboro aquatic center.
  • Monthly Body Assessment to track results.
  • Unique experience packed with valuable tools, information, and training.


  • All sessions run Mon-Fri 6-7am
  • $350/1 Month, $315/month for 2 Months, $280/month for 3+ Months


Men’s-Only Return to Glory Transformation Fitness Workshop. 1 day 2 hours and start the journey to reclaim your life. Sat Feb 25th 10am-12pm

Men, do you remember when you were in the best shape of your life? Running for the tackle, taking off on a fast break, stealing second, and hanging on the beach with your shirt off with pride. Don’t you miss having a body you were proud of? If you spend all your time sitting at your desk, punching in numbers and shuffling the kids to their events on the weekends, you’re probably feeling pretty shitty about yourself. You’re probably popping beer or ice cream jon a Friday night, feeling fat and tired.

If you have just one day each week you can spend in the weight room, you can get your body back.

It’s time to Return to Glory, brothers! It’s time for you to take action. Give me one day in the weight room each week, and I will help you look and feel as good as you did 10-15 years ago. With this simple, proven workout system you can do the minimum but get maximum results. One day each week in the weight room, and I guarantee you’ll get results you can see, feel, and LIVE.

Maybe you used to work out religiously 4-5 times a week…but now you’re at work all the time.
Maybe you used to be a star athlete…but got burned out and let your body go.
Maybe your life priorities have shifted…and you don’t have the motivation to make time for the gym.

I believe our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health are all connected. If you take action, you can Return to Glory or reach even greater heights. We are what we consistently do, and this Transformation Workshop is all about giving you the executable actions that will move your body, mind, and health in the right direction.

The Return to Glory Transformation Workshop gives you everything you need to get in shape, and STAY in shape. Here is what you will get for $99:

  • Two-hour hands on training workshop giving you the tools you will need to succeed over the course of the 12 week training protocol.
    Monthly “Meat and Potatoes” Strength training routine to perform 1 day a week
  • Access to the Return to Glory Transformation Challenge Facebook page
  • 12 Weekly MetCon workouts, a no nonsense at home bodyweight exercises routine to do 1 day outside of the gym anywhere – no gym time or special equipment required
  • 12 weeks work out minimum cardio training to strength your heart
  • A nutrition plan that will regulate your metabolism, stave off hunger, and fuel your body transformation

Return to Glory is all about accountability, practical tools, and easy-to-follow steps to get yourself back on track and feeling as good as you did when you were 25. To arms, men!

Our Boot Camps actively engage our members in the consistent pursuit of wellness using exercise and nutrition as a model for self care.


  • Fitness Assessments
  • 1-2-3 Strategy for Success
  • Nutrition Plan and Guidance
  • Bodyweight Strength Training
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Core, Flexibility and Rejuvenation
  • Team-Building Workouts

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