Come join us at Proehlific for the fat-burning resistance workout that helps you perform 800 reps in a single workout! The original Les Mills technique gives you the tools you need to sculpt, tone and strengthen your body, all while having fun.


The central idea behind this workout is lightyears ahead of traditional weightlifting thinking. This style exhausts your muscles while using lighter weights with a high number of repetitions. You will perform over 800 reps in a single class, which is far more than someone would achieve when training on their own.

This low weight, high rep approach also helps to increase your endurance. You work with the same weights throughout the class and workout different muscles.


So what other benefits are there to resistance training? There are several between physical and mental health. Some of them include:

  • Improved Muscle Strength: This can protect your joints from injury.
  • Increased Muscle-to-Fat Ratio: As you gain muscle you also work on building fat faster.
  • Improved Mobility and Balance: Your stabilizing muscles also get a workout when you lift weights.
  • Improved Well Being: Your self esteem and self image can improve when you see the changes in your physique and strength.


In the Body Pump class, you can expect a total body workout that will burn up to about 590 calories. You will be using scientifically proven moves that blast through fat and help you build muscle. You will exercise to upbeat music and will receive lots of encouragement from the staff here at Proehlific Park to carry you through your transformation!

For more information or to try out a free Body Pump class, contact Proehlific Park today!

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