With everyone having such a busy schedule, it makes sense to want an exercise program that will be very effective in a short period of time. Strength training and cardio don’t have to be opposite forces; in Proehlific Park’s Body Blast class you can enjoy the benefits of both at once!


Strength training uses resistance in order to work on the strength of your muscles, anaerobic endurance, and muscle building. When used properly, strength training will also enhance your ligaments and tendons. This benefits all exercise enthusiasts as strength training increases the force output of individual muscle groups.

Additionally, when you gain muscle your resting metabolic rate increases, which means you burn calories even when you’re not being active. Who doesn’t love that?


Cardio is any kind of movement that gets your heart rate up and focuses on increasing circulation in your body. Many use cardio as a means to burn calories, since your body needs more fuel in order to support the sudden increase in physical activity. There are tons of benefits to cardio besides calorie burning.

Cardio is very good for your heart, as it too has to “workout” to supply blood to your muscles. The heart and other systems in the body get a boost whenever you do cardio training.

Lastly, you can greatly reduce stress by performing those types of exercises that release hormones that relieve symptoms of fatigue, depression, and anxiety.


In the past many have thought that combining strength training and cardio would interfere with bodybuilding or would reduce the benefits of the cardio portion. However, this is completely untrue and now you can enjoy the benefits of both in this hour long fitness class!

This fast paced class allows you to increase muscular strength and burn calories so that you can tone your body and lose weight. For someone looking to get the most out of their exercise, this is definitely the place to be! Contact us today and see how you can try this class for free!

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